Towards a new diocese for West Yorkshire and the Dales




General Synod votes in favour of the new diocese of Leeds (West Yorkshire and the Dales). 

The decision on July 8, 2013, is welcomed by the Bishop of Ripon and Leeds - see report here


General Synod to make final decision on scheme at July 13 Synod

Archbishop of York's decision announced, May 9 2013. Read press release here

Read the Archbishop's Statement of Reasons to Synod by clicking here



Programme Manager, John Tuckett offers answers to some frequently asked questions (faq's)

Click here to read FAQs from John Tuckett, Programme Manager

The Cost of reorganisation

Two papers have been issued, January 2013,  which seek to clarify questions concerning the cost of a diocesan reorganisation.

Church Commissioners Letter, 17.1.13

The first paper is a letter to the diocesan bishops from the Church Commissioners signed by Andrew Whittam Smith, the First Church Estates Commissioner, and Andrew Britton, Chair of the Archbishops’ Council Finance Committee. The letter summarises the Church Commissioners’ position in respect of financial arrangements between the proposed new diocese and national church organisations. This builds on their previous input to the full financial statements accompanying the Scheme documents

Assessment of the financial effects of reorganisation 

The second financial paper is titled 'An Assessment of The Dioceses Commission’s “Estimate of the Financial Effect of the Proposals” ' by the Chairs of the Boards of Finance of Bradford, Ripon & Leeds and Wakefield dioceses. The report examines  each of the estimates made by the Dioceses Commission and presents detailed conclusions on these, as well as looking at other areas of risk and concern not covered in the Commission’s papers.


Dioceses Commission announces details of draft scheme (Oct '12)

The Dioceses Commission has  released details of its draft scheme to reorganise Church of England structures in West Yorkshire and the Dales. The overall proposal, approved last month, is to replace the existing three dioceses and create a new single one. Today's report explains in more detail how, if approved, that would work. (Click on links below to read more).


Revised Map of the proposed new Diocese of Leeds (West Yorkshire and the Dales)





In the autumn of 2009 the Dioceses Commission commenced a review of the five Yorkshire dioceses (Bradford, Ripon and Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield and York). The aim was to establish whether the shape and boundaries of the existing dioceses tend to facilitate the Church's mission to the people and communities of Yorkshire or whether different boundaries would enable the Church to relate to them more effectively.

Following extensive consultation the Commission decided to proceed with a reorganisation scheme bringing together the dioceses of Bradford, Ripon & Leeds and Wakefield. The final version of this draft scheme was issued on 29 October 2012. The next stage in the process will be formal votes in the diocesan synods of the dioceses affected.


Earlier Papers:

The Preparation Group

As the proposal by the Dioceses Commission to dissolve three dioceses in West Yorkshire and create a single new diocese proceeds, the task of the group is to oversee the preparation work necessary should a final scheme be ratified by General Synod in 2013. Meeting 6 times a year, the group comprises lay and clergy representatives from each of the Bishop's Councils and senior staff representatives.

A Design Group (comprising Nick Baines, Bishop of Bradford; Sue Proctor, Diocesan Secretary, Ripon & Leeds and Tony Robinson, Bishop of Pontefract) is responsible for setting the Preparation Group’s work programme.

This bulletin will provide an update after each meeting.

Preparation Group Meeting, June 2012

Preparation Group Meeting, April 2012




Background, details and getting involved

Visit the websites of the Diocese of Bradford and the Diocese of Wakefield.

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